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Forum > Languages and Cultures > Jokes about Finland / Finns, do you have one?
#0 Jokes about Finland / Finns, do you have one? Thu 16 Feb 06 13:29:48

I would just like to hear if you have jokes about Finland and have a laugh :)

Swedes, Norwegians, Russians, Estonians, give your best :)

#1 Jokes about Finland / Finns, do you have one? Thu 16 Feb 06 16:38:22
Den Haag
Moi Tomi :)

En ole ruotsalainen etc. mutta minä opin vähän "Finnish jokes" /
suomalaisvitsejä(?) , kun olin Suomessa viime vuonna :), though I usually heard
them from other foreigners living there ;).
BTW: I'm wondering how funny these jokes will seem to people who haven't had any
contact with Finland... 

Anyway, Finnish jokes, ole hyvä :) :

(1) OK, let's start with a classic one :). I've heard many different version of
this one:  

An American, a Frenchman and a Finn go on a safari in Africa. They're walking
through some bushes, and suddenly they come across an elephant. How do they
react? The American: "I wonder how much money I could get for those tusks..."
The Frenchman: "I wonder what kind of a love life this elephant has...", The
Finn: "I wonder what this elephant thinks about me..."

(2) Three Finnish brothers have gone fishing. It's early morning; they see the
sun rise over the horizon when the youngest brother says: "It doesn't seem like
the fish are biting"
They keep on fishing and around midday the middle brother states: 
"It really doesn't seem like the fish are hungry" 
Night is coming, and the sun is setting when the oldest brother angrily scoffs:
"Of course, the fish aren't biting when you just keep on chatting!"

(3) What is the difference between a hungry stomach and a Finnish person who
wants to ask something from a stranger?
	You can actually hear the hungry stomach

(4) How do you know that you're talking to an extrovert Finn?
    When conversing with you, he's looking at your feet instead of his own 

(5) What is the difference between Finnish weddings and Finnish funerals?
	At the funerals there is one less drunk

Thomas  :D
#2 Jokes about Finland / Finns, do you have one? Fri 17 Feb 06 0:44:24
Here's a fun list titled "You know you’ve been in Finland too long, when...":

For example: You stand in a bus if you can't find a vacant pair of seats. :)
He also has another similar list about Swedes...

#3 Jokes about Finland / Finns, do you have one? Mon 20 Feb 06 11:36:03
Oh, we got stories about true life, where are the jokes? :))

#4 Jokes about Finland / Finns, do you have one? Mon 20 Feb 06 11:49:43
Once I saw a very nice norwegian joke book about finns, unfortunately I can't
remember the jokes I was read from it.

One joke went somehow like this:

Two finns had been drinking in the wilderness for two weeks on a very cold
winter. They were sitting on a camp fire next to their snow cave and they were
drinking. Their friend Jukka got a bit worried after third week and sent a
trained dog to rescue them. He attached a barrel of Vodka to the dog and asked
it to find his friends.

Those two finns saw a dog coming towards them and the other shouted: "Oh there
is the rescue, our best friend coming towards us, but what an earth they have
attached to it?". "Can't you see? It is Jukka's dog!"

#5 Jokes about Finland / Finns, do you have one? Mon 20 Feb 06 12:22:51
History how Finns arrived in Finland and how they got separated from their
cousins in Hungary.

As some of you might know, Finns and Hungarians are relative nations since
thousands of years, but there is no good explanation why we live so far from
each others now, if we once were one nation. Russians have a story that explains

Thousands of years ago Finns, Estonians and Hungarians were living as one nation
somewhere very far in East, behind the Ural mountains. One day they got an idea:
"Let's go west".

So, they started their journey towards west together. Somewhere around Poland
they came to an intersection where were two signs: "SOUTH - fertile land, good
climate" and "NORTH - No possibilities to cultivate land, hunger, cold and
horrible climate". Those who could read, went south and those uneducated poor
ones went north. On the shore of Baltic Sea some of the people had learned to
read. They stopped at a sign "Be aware of weak ice". They became later

Finns continued, half of them drowned but rest enjoyed swimming in icy water and
survived until the other shore. There they faced an empty, hostile land where
40% was covered by lakes, 40% by wet and hopeless swamps and bogs and 20% was
covered by rocks on rocks and rocks under the ground surrounded by mighty
forests. For thousands of years since then without thinking Finns were digging
the swamps and forests by hands and carrying the rocks away from burned forests
to give way to some small pitch of land where they could grow few potatoes and
some carrots just to realize the frost in summer made all effort fruitless. And
they lived their life happy forever without knowing they could have chosen

#6 Jokes about Finland / Finns, do you have one? Wed 22 Feb 06 5:45:07
New York City - Manhattan
United States of America
Q: How can u tell if a Finnish girl has an orgasm?
A:  She drops her nail file!

A Finnish guest once told me that the reason there r so many Finns in the state
of Minnesota is because when they first arrived in the US and the immigration
people asked them where they were gonna go they said "Minnesota" which in
Finnish means "wherever u take me"

Q:Did u hear about the gay Finnish guy?
A: He liked women more than Vodka

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